Dr Frank DiBlasi

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This office gave my daughter terrible service.He overcharged me for services that did not help her at all.

I already paid him $1,300.00 for what I thought were legite procedures. His office was very rude to my family. I finally decided to take her to another orthodontist after several months because I did not see a change and the new Dr. could not believe what was being done to her.

He charged me $2,000.00 for a plastic piece he called a palatte expander. After researching it I found out it was a called a Schwartz appliance not a pallette expanader and on the internet they only charge $75.00 for this piece. Most likely he paid even less. When this piece broke the first time it took days of my calling to get him to respond and get her a new piece.

His receptionist was so mean. It took months for the new Orthodontists odfice to gain her trust that she did not shake when they were helping her.

I don't know what course of action to take to get my money back from him.

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Southfield, Michigan, United States #1234556

I saw him 30 years ago because he was the only orthodontist that participated in my parents HMO. He caused me TMJ dysfunction that causes me tremendous headaches to this day.


He is a fraud! Run as fast as you can! Should not be in practice & beyond rude office staff as well....BEWARE!!!


NO SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!! Unprofessionalism is what you get with that office!!!! You should of done your homework first and looked up the professional conduct complaints on his license.......

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